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Thermoelectric Wood Stove Generators

Devil Watt™ Wood Stove Thermoelectric Generators

Devil Watt Wood Stove Thermoelectric Generators are an ever expanding line of Thermoelectric Power Generation devices brought to you by TEGPRO: Experts in Thermoelectric Power Generation. Our products are sold and serviced directly by our facility in Randolph VT. We are currently working on new designs for both air-cooled and water-cooled Thermoelectric Generators. Our goal is to continuously improve Wood Stove Thermoelectric Power Generation technology for use as a supplemental power source for off grid solar systems. Our parent company, LEDdynamics Inc., has a staff of over 50 people, and has been in business for 10 years. With a great team of engineers and technicians, we are ready to answer any questions you may have.

Expanding the Capability of Wood Stove Thermoelectric Generators

Devil Watt will be offering water-cooled systems in the coming month, for powering circulator pumps for use with baseboard heat, and radiant heat loops. We will also be releasing systems that will power LED lighting systems to replace antiquated & inefficient gas lamp systems. Our new line of air cooled Thermoelectric Generators will soon be released show casing our new Tegulator Power Management Systems, with digital readouts that display Power Output characteristics of the device. Keep checking back, and we continue to release new products and information.

The Devil Watt line of products are proudly supported & distributed by TEGMART. Please contact us for more information.

New Products Preview!

35 watt water cooled thermoelectric generator70 Watt Devil Watt Thermoelectric Generator


All new 35 Watt & 70 Watt Water Cooled Wood Burning Stove Thermoelectric Generators