10 Watt Camping Cook Stove Thermoelectric Generator

10 Watt Camping Stove Thermoelectric Generator

Devil Watt™ 10 Watt Propane Stove, Grill or Rocket Stove Thermoelectric Generator

The DW-DF-10W Propane Stove Thermoelectric Generator can be placed on the top of an open flame to generate electricity to charge a battery, power a 12V DC device, or charge a cell phone with it's handy 5V DC USB output. The DW-DF-10W is supplied with a cable that has a 12V DC automotive output and a 5V DC USB port. 

To ensure an adequate temperature difference necessary for power generation, the low temperature side of the Thermoelectric Generator is cooled with an electric fan.  This unit is lightweight and provides a lot of output power for it's size.

If you have a camp stove that runs on gas or propane, this is great micro-power system for camp or home power outages.

10 Watt Camping Cook Stove Thermoelectric Generator Specifications

Part Number DW-DF-10W
Output Power 10 Watts
Output Voltage 12 V DC automotive adapter, 5V DC from a USB port
Maximum Temperature of Applied Surface 840°F (450°C)
Dimensions 3.7" (95mm) x 7.8" (200mm)
Weight 3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg)

Download the DW-DF-10W Datasheet

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